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Steering and Suspension Repairs and Servicing

We all know that there are some pretty rough roads in Edmonton, potholes can cause major issues to the steering and suspension components on your vehicle!


The steering and suspension components of your car are one of the most important systems to keep you safe on the road. These components are constantly in motion and can sustain serious wear and tear by the roads we drive on. By regularly inspecting these components we can help ensure the quality of your ride and reliability of your vehicle.


We are fully equipped to replace all components including, ball joints, struts, shocks, tie rods, steering racks, steering gear, control arms, bushings, sway bar links, leaf springs, idler and pitman arms.


After the steering and suspension repairs have been done we can then proceed with a fully computerized alignment.


If you are experiencing issues with your steering, the ride of your vehicle, unusual noises, or tire wear, we can help you identify any areas of concern that may need repairs. Call us at 780-465-5571 or email us!

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