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Power Steering Service

Performing a power steering flush at regular intervals can help to extend the life of power steering components. By regularly servicing your power steering system we can help to ensure that the system is working at its best. If it's time to have your power steering system serviced call us at 780-465-5571 or send us an email!

Why It's Done


Power steering fluid over time can start to break down, due to age and heat. Once this happens the power steering fluid can no longer aid in keeping power steering parts healthy. They can start to break down prematurely and eventually fail. If a power steering system is leaking it can also cause other power steering parts to fail.

How it's Done


We use a complete Power Steering Exchange machine, this effectively removes all the old dirty power steering fluid and exchanges this with a new clean fluid. We use a safe power steering cleaner to aid in removing deposits or foreign materials.

How Often


Power steering fluid should be replaced approximately every 2 years. By properly maintaining your power steering fluid you can help to extend the life of important power steering parts, like the power steering pump and the rack and pinion.


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