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Mist In-Car Air Quality Service

Keeping the inside ventilation system clean in our vehicles is just as important as keeping the inside of our home furnace clean.

Why it's Important?


Drivers spend large amounts of times in their vehicles. We frequently use our A/C Systems and heating systems while driving. Unfortunately the air that is blowing at us isn't always the cleanest. Germs and bacteria can accumulate in the ventilation system, and even can produce an odour.

How It's Done


MiST™ utilizes atomized micro-droplets (1/10 the size of aerosol droplets) of a specially formulated solution. These droplets are drawn into an automobile's vents, penetrating and traveling to where the micro-organisms are living.

MiST™ treats the entire ventilation system, including the evaporator, heater core, air ducts and passenger compartment surfaces.


We also recommend replacing Cabin Air Filters at this time as well, the air that blows into your vehicle is filtered through the cabin air filter.

How Often


MiST Recommends performing this service every 6 months, to maintain a clean and healthy ventilation system within your vehicle.

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