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Tire Installtion

With our extreme Canadian seasons, tire changes are recommended at least twice per year, usually in the Spring and Fall to accommodate the seasonal road conditions of Summer and Winter.


The Hunter Revolution tire installer is a completely automated system. It is also designed to work with clad, raised spoke and all unique wheel designs. Inflation station algorithm fills to set tire pressure automatically. The Revolution tire installer monitors TPMS location constantly and won’t allow tire to be mounted or demounted in an unsafe TPMS location. Because it is fully automatic and has a variety of excellent features, tires of all sizes can be installed accurately every time!

Tire Balancing

Unbalanced tires cause a vibration resulting in premature tire wear and unnecessary wear to your vehicle's suspension, which can cause safety issues and require vehicle servicing.



What does a road force balance do for your tires?

  • Prolongs the life of your tires

  • Offers state-of-the-art tire balancing technology

  • Balances tires faster than traditional wheel balancers

  • Solves wheel vibration problems other wheel balancers cannot fix

  • The only wheel balancing machine that recreates the same conditions as driving down the road

  • Detects non-balance, radial-force problems related to tire uniformity, tire and rim runout

  • Detects tire mounting errors and improper bead seal of tire to rim

  • Road Force Smartweight® technology can improve ride quality

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