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Differential Service and Transfer Case Service


Keeping the fluid in your differential unit and transfer case unit is extremely important for the optimal performance for your vehicle. If the fluid becomes dirty it can lead to premature failure of the internal components in the differentials and transfer case.


Your vehicles drive system is comprised of gears which enable your wheels on the axles turn smoothly. Specific Differential fluids are required for your car to ensure that they gears are properly lubricated and maintained. As the fluid gets old or contaminated it is no longer able to meet these needs. A differential or transfer case repair can be time consuming and costly. By regulary maintaining these fluids before you encounter a problem you are more likely to avoid expensive breakdowns.


It is also very important to have any leaks from the transfer case or differential repaired in a timely manner. The gears and parts inside are not made to run without fluid.


We regularly check the fluid condition and level at your oil change to ensure that the fluid is still at its optimum condition. If we have recommended a Differential or Transfer case servicing on your vehicle call us at 780-465-5571 or email us!

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