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Coolant Flush


Flushing your coolant is important for many reasons. If the coolant strength is not correct, it is possible for it to freeze or allow the engine to overheat. If there is foreign sediment or fluid in it, it can cause parts of the cooling system to plug up and not allow the coolant to flow through it properly. If you suspect the coolant on your car has not been serviced recently call us at 780-465-5571 or send us an email!


How it's Done


With our Complete Coolant System service, a specialized formula is circulated throughout the cooling system. A coolant exchange machine is used to remove the old coolant and replace it with new coolant that specifically meets the requirements of your car. A coolant conditioner is added for further protection. This procedure is better than simply draining the coolant as it forces all the older coolant out, ensuring a complete flush. By flushing the coolant it can maximize the life of the cooling system components.

How Often

Approximately every 4 years or 80000Km, based on average driving and average vehicles.

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